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Meet Our Board
of Directors

Stratford Cygnets is a non-profit organization with a dedicated Board of Directors overseeing our operations. Our Board is comprised of volunteers, including professionals, community members, and parents elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). They play a vital role in ensuring the organization's governance and financial management.

The Board consists of key positions, including Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary, and 4 Members at large, forming the Board Executive; as well as members at large. All members actively participate in meetings, vote on issues, and contribute to the organization's governance direction. Serving on the Board provides valuable opportunities to develop skills such as interpersonal, communication, negotiation, marketing, or fundraising.

Board meetings occur a minimum of ten times annually, with a monthly time commitment of approximately 3 hours per meeting, varying in duration. An AGM is held yearly around June/July. To learn more about joining the Board or volunteering in other capacities, please reach out to the Supervisors or current Board members.

Please note that Board members undergo criminal record checks and must adhere to a Statement of Confidentiality Agreement.

Board Executives

Hayleigh Culliton.jpg

Hayleigh Culliton

I have been a member of the Cygents community since 2019; and a member of the Board since 2020, beginning as a Member at Large, and moving into the Executive team a year later.. As the Chair, I oversee all board meetings. I am responsible to keep the board current about any information regarding the preschool, and I am in constant communication with the Preschool Supervisor throughout the year. I act as a leader in the preschool community, and as a liaison between preschool families and the board when addressing concerns and questions.

I promise to act honestly and in good faith with a view to the best interest of Cygnets Cooperative Preschool when exercising voting rights, and participate in electing future executive members to the board of directors.



The Vice-Chairperson performs the duties of the Chairperson in the event the Chairperson can not do so. The role of the Vice-Chairperson is to step into the role of Chairperson when the chair’s term is completed. This allows for continuity within the board.

Karli Langille

Judy Walters

The Treasurer oversees and monitors the financial performance of the organization, supervising the organization’s financial condition and reporting on it to the Board.

The Treasurer works with the bookkeeper in coordinating financial reports and assists the Supervisors in creating the preschool budget.


Lauren Coughlin

The Secretary is responsible for preparing the agenda, arranging meetings, and any documents needed for upcoming meetings. The secretary records meeting minutes and shares them amongst Board members.

Members at Large


Martha Ntoumanidou

Member at Large


Travis McIntosh

Member at Large

Jasmin Vitello

Member at Large

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