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How does learning happen?

Stratford Cygnets Cooperative Preschool strives to provide a child care program that uses these 4 statements as their foundation for optimal learning and healthy development. The following statements will outline the goals we have in place for each of the 4 foundations and how we achieve the goals set out by the CCEYA.

Belonging, Well-being, Engagement, and Expression.


Foster Belonging

Every child, family and educator has a sense of belonging when they are connected to others and have the opportunity to contribute to the world.  At Stratford Cygnets we respect human rights. Regardless of ability, race, gender, sexuality, culture or creed, we welcome all children and families.

We prioritize building a strong sense of belonging for children and families through meaningful connections with educators, peers, and the community. Our classrooms are adorned with children's artwork and photos, reinforcing their valued contributions. Upon arrival, warm greetings create a welcoming atmosphere, encouraging open communication and partnership. Families are invited to participate in committees, volunteer, and attend events, fostering community engagement. We collaborate with various professionals and educational institutions to support children's growth and development, while documenting and reflecting on their learning journey to celebrate achievements and tailor learning environments to their interests. We value family involvement and feedback to strengthen our learning community.


Foster Well-Being

Every child is developing a sense of self, health and wellbeing.  Stratford Cygnets nurtures children's healthy self-image by encouraging self-care and care for others in their learning environment.

We prioritize the development of self-care skills in a nurturing environment that respects each child's individuality. Our flexible daily schedule caters to diverse abilities and interests, offering indoor and outdoor play opportunities with open-ended materials. We promote self-regulation through movement and mindfulness activities while ensuring safe child supervision and adherence to health and safety guidelines. Positive interactions and relationships are fostered, with strict prohibitions against corporal punishment and other harmful practices.

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Foster Engagement

Every child and educator is an active and engaged learner who explores the world with their body, mind and senses.

At Stratford Cygnets, we prioritize play-based, child-directed learning across all programs, tailored to each age group's developmental needs and offering abundant learning choices. Through play, children develop autonomy, independence, and a deeper understanding of their surroundings. Our curriculum fosters open-ended, inquiry-based activities that encourage imagination and sensory exploration, promoting peer interaction and self-discovery. Educators support children's learning by observing, reflecting, and expanding their interests while respecting their play autonomy. We invest in our staff's professional growth, participating in city-facilitated professional development events and embracing resource-sharing and leadership opportunities in early childhood education.


Foster Expression

Every child is a capable communicator who expresses themself in many ways.

At Stratford Cygnets, we prioritize individualized communication and empowerment, believing children are capable communicators deserving of respect and positive expression. Across all programs, from toddlers to school-age and camps, we aim to create a positive, home-like environment where children feel comfortable expressing emotions and are encouraged to label and manage them safely. Our educators promote open engagement with families through various channels, including documentation, celebrations, community events, and a parent app, fostering a sense of belonging and support for each child's unique learning journey. Our commitment is to ensure every child feels loved and valued throughout their educational experience.

For more information about Ontario's Pedagogy for The Early Years, click here, or check out our Family Handbook.

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