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Program Statement

At Stratford Cygnets, we take pride in celebrating all families and individuals. We understand that people come in diverse forms and we value and respect each and everyone. We wholeheartedly believe in creating a safe and supportive environment for all individuals including those with varying abilities and those within the 2SLGBTQ+ community. By promoting an inclusive environment that embraces the full spectrum of human diversity, we hope to foster compassion and acceptance in the hearts and minds of our young learners and their families for the years to come.

Program Statement

This Program Statement is a dynamic document, annually reviewed and updated to align with our evolving goals.


At Stratford Cygnets, we follow the four foundations of learning as per "How Does Learning Happen, Ontario's Pedagogy for The Early Years (2014)”. Our programs aim to nurture the whole child within a safe and curious play-based environment. We celebrate each child's individuality, viewing them as competent and capable learners.


Our highly qualified educators understand that learning occurs everywhere; promote that sentiment through intentional environments, provocations, and exploration. We believe in child-initiated learning and value creative play. Our learning environments prioritize well-being, belonging, expression, and engagement.


Nutrition is essential, and we provide balanced snacks following Canada's Food Guide. We respect children's choices regarding what and how much they eat. Flexibility is key in our daily schedules, tailored to accommodate diverse needs and interests.


We foster positive communication, self-regulation, and problem-solving skills among children. Families are valued partners, and their involvement is encouraged through various means. Community engagement is vital, offering opportunities for children to connect with the real world.


Our educators are committed to lifelong learning and professional development. We welcome feedback from families, staff, and community partners to continuously improve our programs and better serve our community.

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